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File…Save ??

Where’s the Save command? How can I return to working on a project?

Basic,but not bad

This is pretty decent for quick collage creation. Pros: 1) Easy to use interface 2) Quick and easy creation process once the images are loaded into the app 3) Output is more than acceptable 4) A sufficient amount of borders and stamps considering it is free Cons: 1) The app’s window is jumpy when trying to move it around. 2) No Photos integration, this makes you open Photos, copy or export your images, then load them into this app. 3) Some of the borders do not align horizontally and vertically. only noticable in the linear borders. 4) You can only export (what they call save), you cannot save a working file. Basically you have to finish your work or loose it. Summary: If you are looking for a low cost, in this case free, collage creation app this is a good option. The cons are more annoying than they are intrusive and the quality of the output surpases the these annoyances.

Quit working since OS Sierra

Since upgrading my computer to OS Sierra this app quits when you select “save,” causing loss of everything you worked on. I restarted app 3 times, did all my collage work and lost it each time when the app quit. App has now been deleted. Will look for another app that DOES work.

Nice app - would love to be able to save projects for editing.

So far I love this app and it allows me to do work efficiently and easy with great results. The only problem I have with it is I would love to be able to save what I’m working on and come back to it to make changes. This app doesn’t provide this function. If you want to revise a layout you have to rebuild it over, make the changes you need and then save it as a .png, .jpg or other file. Maybe an update in the near future will offer this function.

a lot of fun

love this…lots of fun…you can do cute things to your pictures and send them around, post them on Facebook, etc. wish they had more free stickers, though.

Good app

It’s a nice simple app. It should have a Yosemite upgrade though.

Echt Super Einfach & Sehr Gut !!! Very good

Very good and easy to use. The photo quality is also very good in the end layout !!! Other collage Apps just loose the pixel quality in the end layout.

All the filters make my photos grey!



I have trouble with the filters turning grey and doing the same to the photos in the collage. Have to restart the program to fix it.

not great

not the greatest app for photo enhancing. options are boring and freezes a lot too.

Easy to use and many add ons

I find this app very simple and essy to use. You can create losts of different collages with it. Great app.

Nice and easy

Nice and easy - I am not a big specialist in such works so this is a friendly tool even for me, beginner.


Rewelacja! Nice and easy to handle, a little bit poor in options with size changing, but still great

Dead Simple & Fast

The app does several things well including putting together quick collages, adding stickers, and applying simple filters. I wish I could export to more than a .png file, but thats about the only complaint I have.

Works Great! Very Fast But...

Really well done…. Was surprised that I could not dave the "source file"… Only able to save the .png file Wish we had control over the size of the image…. I was surprised to find it was 803px and no way to adjust Pergaps in a future release…. Should not stop anyone using it… Nicely done!

Composure is the best Collage Maker

I just got this app last month and it has been such a successful help for me to make all different kinds of Collages on all subjects that I like and dislike. So this is to the team at Composure and Apple that thank you so much for this app.

Quick and simple collage maker!

I have to admit I was rather skeptical of this application at first but it turned out to be a dead-simple way to make collages out of two-photo and three-photo sets, which are what I need most often. The application presents only the options I need in a straightforward manner. I wish there was a way to save the result in a format other than PNG but this is trivial to fix using image-conversion software.

Good, but cannot resize source images

This app is a nice, simple way to create collages. But it still lacks any way to resize the source images. I should be more specific -- I want the ability to make images smaller, to fit into one of the frames. Right now, the app only provides a zoom function that enlarges images. Id give it more stars if it was more flexible.

Great App

Combines all the functions of the photo editing apps of iOs and Mac. Great find :)

its a good

Good picture editing software. This app is very easy to use and good for people who like to edit and make their pictures look fun.

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